250 qm Studio Area...

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Camera Systems

Studio Light

12x Nikon bodies, 35mm / FX up to 36 MP

16x Nikon pro grade prime lenses

3x Hasselblad bodies, V-system, digital 50 MP

6x Hasselblad Zeiss CFi / CFE lenses

Arca Swiss 4x5 inch large formate

Plaubel digital large formate

Profoto studio light

Profoto location lighting

Professional FX machines and light shaping tools

Studio Hardware

Postproduction stills + motion

Adobe Photoshop CS6 & CC, 6 workstations

Apple Final Cut X Postproduction, 5 workstations

Davinci Resolve color grading, 2 workstations

4x Apple Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Book Pro Retina & Air

Apple OS X Mavericks Server

Studio highspeed WLAN / Gigabit Ethernet

Apple iPad Air customer entertainment & web

Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7800, 9600 highend printing

Genelec active speakers audio monitoring

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